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  1. 2018 Garden Thread

    Haters gonna hate. IDRGAF. It gives me something constructive to do with the kiddos.
  2. 2018 Garden Thread

    Yup. I’ve got plenty, too. Although, cedar would last longer.
  3. 2018 Garden Thread

    I’m going to build a few of these. Too much wildlife around here. Not complaining, but a regular garden wouldn’t last long.
  4. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    603-781-5eightseven9 i don’t answer if I don’t know the number so leave a message or send a sext first.
  5. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    And I’m one of those lift inspectors. Lots more than that, too. LiftWorks
  6. It’s time

    For some reason!i keep thinking Rugged Ridge.
  7. It’s time

    Thanks, man.
  8. It’s time

    My Jeep has been parked in the barn for the last couple years with a rotted out frame and other issues. I miss it. It’s time to put it back together. I have a frame. Need to blast and paint it. I have a small media blaster and compressor. Once I get over the hurdle of the frame swap, it needs other little stuff. The control arms are some aftermarket adjustables that I got used from someone on here. No idea what brand. They’re black. Johnny joints on one end and factory style bushings on the axle end. What’s the deal with those poly bushings? Good? Bad? They seem pricey.
  9. So Beards

    This winters crop.
  10. So Beards

    Last summer
  11. So Beards

    2 years ago. I liked that beard.
  12. Miller 130XP 110v MIG

    Should I be offended?
  13. Shipyard is hiring apprentices again

    Will they hire old guys like me, too?