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  1. Miller 130XP 110v MIG

    Should I be offended?
  2. Shipyard is hiring apprentices again

    Will they hire old guys like me, too?
  3. Miller 130XP 110v MIG

    Thank you.
  4. Miller 130XP 110v MIG

    Can I borrow it for a while?
  5. Boat seat

    I have an extra boat in the yard that needs seats. You can have it. I'll drop it off even. Needs motor work, too.
  6. Looking for a junk TJ frame

    Lol Yeah. I gotz 2. And an old CJ5. And the Willys truck. And a parts Willys truck. And the frame and driveline from another Willys truck. I need help.
  7. Looking for a junk TJ frame

    Yeah. About that. It's in the exact same condition as the day I got it. I'll get to it someday. It's in the barn. Needs a tranny rebuild, oil pan, axles, and suspension. Tires would be good, too. I need to do a swap on the other TJ.
  8. Looking for a junk TJ frame

    Want to do another one? We'll make it party.
  9. Dish TV sucks

    Dish employees cannot go on the roof without fall protection. It's in every van. It's a huge PITA, though Dish subcontractors can do whatever they want.
  10. Equifax Data Breach

    Ever since my divorce and being less than adequately employed for a while, I have the worst credit imaginable.
  11. 88 YJ tranny

    Looking for something that identifies as a manual tranny for an 88 4 banger YJ. It's not for me. My friend's kid needs one as cheap as possible. His only has 2nd and 4th gear. Lol. Thanks in advance. Eric
  12. It's a cash issue right now. Need a roof and chimney before winter.
  13. I really want this thing back.
  14. Preacher's Prose

    I don't care who you are. That's some funny shiit right there.