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  1. nice.. it was a good day to sit outside, too.
  2. Brought It Tuesday

  3. Brought It Tuesday

    we should all move on regardless. something like this only has life if you give it life. let it die and it dies.
  4. Brought It Tuesday

    Well, who is it, then?

    should be a perfect weekend for that. holy sunny and warm out there.
  6. My Buddy's 3000gt - the diagnosis edition

    The relay diagram is weird, shows normally closed on pin 87a, but it also shows the switch normally pulled toward the coil. Probably just a weirdness in how they drew it. Putting power backwards in the start circuit shouldn't hurt anything on this car. You can't do that on a more modern car, since the engine computer controls starting on most cars these days, but should be fine on an old mitsu.
  7. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    I have seen that sort of thing in different states, Texas being one of them. Nevada being another, you can pull semi triples in Nevada. But crossing the state line brings whole different suckage. Not to mention the unwieldiness of all of that on a SRW truck on a windy highway. And never being able to back up. Etc. I seriously question whether the tow rating for that truck is high enough for what he has there. But to each their own, not trying to rain on anyone's parade. You do you, baby. :-)
  8. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Even if technically legal, it just screams "pull me over."
  9. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    I'd stay out of New York with that setup.
  10. Today is my FRIDAY

    agree with scf. girls. sigh. but then, with boys, you have the formidable challenge of trying to teach them why girls are the way they are. "Don't question it, son. Just trust me on this."

    torque the bejeezus out of it. put a little loctite on that prick, too. dickheads.

    I've never tried to pick one up, but they're not fast enough to turn on you if you try to pick them up, are they?
  13. Brought It Tuesday

    And the reason I'll never own one. It's a handicap game, it's like playing poker with someone that only has to put up a dollar, and you have to go all in on every hand.