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  1. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    This easily emboldens our enemies. Now they know they can simply hijack a ship and ram it into any US warship under cover of darkness. Even though that may not really be the case, it will encourage someone to try, and hopefully we have the wherewithal to blow it to the depths of the ocean when they do. And that we don't bury more young men at sea who, while they are willing to give their lives for country, they don't want to do it like that.
  2. Can't install a roll out bed cover with a ladder rack

    This is what I was thinking, too.
  3. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    You follow what I'm saying, though. The technology exists to not lose 10 sailors a month due to simply running into things the size of a skyscraper.
  4. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    My guess is, if that's the case, they won't be doing that anymore.
  5. Can't install a roll out bed cover with a ladder rack

    Obviously, it would require some modification and imagination to make it work. It would be more work than I'd want to do in your parking lot 250 miles away from my toolbox. But anything is possible. Pics of the rack? Yes, I went there.
  6. Can't install a roll out bed cover with a ladder rack

    Ah, I was thinking you were getting one of those hard rollup deals, the spendy kind. I should bring one with me to Belfast and just install it for you while I'm there.
  7. Can't install a roll out bed cover with a ladder rack

    I've never installed one, but I can't imagine that it's an obstacle that cannot be overcome. I have a trifold cover on my truck. What brand of roll out are you looking at?
  8. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    That is the military way, I'll give you that.
  9. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    Any well equipped aircraft has collision avoidance built in, I can't believe that the most sophisticated and expensive war ships in human history do not have something similar.
  10. Wet Wednesday

  11. i can wreck anything. ask ann.

    damning pizza burn sucks.
  13. Wet Wednesday

    You can be my wingman anytime, Maverick.
  14. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    My kid has nothing to do with navigation (he is a radar guy but he works on aircraft detecting radar), but I know that he pulls watch duty just like everyone else on ship.