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  1. Last Will and Testament

    i wasn't always this belben-like. my eyes have been opened, at least in this regard.
  2. Another Wet Wednesday

    Looks like I did it, FFS.
  3. Last Will and Testament

    Trusts are funny things. The lawyer will tell you they're ironclad and nobody can contest it or second guess the trustee's actions. That lawyer would be wrong. Trust shmust. Die broke. Give it away now like a red hot chili pepper. dig a hole in the backyard, dump all your worldly possessions into it, and fill it back in. Then before you die, tell your kids where the hole is. Keep the lawyers, judges, relatives, neighbors, friends, government, and everyone else out of your business. Just bury it.
  4. Last Will and Testament

    If you have anything, the government will take it regardless. Just know this, going into the death spiral.
  5. Another Wet Wednesday

    that sucks. we were just talking about mine yesterday. wife was cracking wise with the doctor before mine, and he looked at her and said, "Keep it up, you'll get one of these, too." She smiled and said, "No I won't. Ain't got no colon." Which started a whole conversation about being colon free, surgeries, etc. But that was the best response ever.
  6. Last Will and Testament

    why do you h8 me?
  7. Last Will and Testament

    Famous last words. "Nobody will fight over what I have." You have no idea what people will fight over.
  8. Last Will and Testament

    Don't halfass it. Trust me on this. I have my mom and dad's affairs shoved so far up myass right now that I can taste the power of attorney in the back of my throat. Nobody in their right mind would ever be a POA or trustee, if the ramifications were ever fully explained to them. Do your family a favor: die broke. You'll have to find your own ways to do this, but that's the bottom line advice.
  9. 2zdey

    lol you damners have memory like elephant. and penis like guppy.
  10. NETFLIX Binge

    i think i love you.
  11. SUNDAY

    i want to buy a vowel.
  12. 2zdey

    tapa tapa tapa. just tapa tapa tapa.
  13. SUNDAY

    I bet. Imagine how much gumption it took to pick up the phone and dial your number.

  15. i wanna see your peacockcockcock.