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    i have a forklift. it burns more oil than gasoline, i think.
  2. Speed bleeders

    more like
  3. Speed bleeders

    surface tension in the lines holds the air, it won't travel upwards in the lines. fluid simply pushes the air out. pretty easy, makes you wonder how they manage to sell all of these brake bleedy devices when all you really need is a wrench, and in weird circumstances, someone to pump the pedal.
  4. Speed bleeders

    about the only exception that comes to mind is S10 pickups, where the ABS module is actually mounted above the master cylinder, and causes air to get trapped inside it unless you force it out. 99.9% of the time, I open bleeders, add fluid to the topside, and let the honey flow.
  5. Speed bleeders

    very, very rarely. god gave us gravity, and it works like a charm.
  6. Wanna buy a brewery?

    same here, i'm not a craft beer drinker by any stretch, though I sometimes find myself consuming the beer i have vs. the beer i would rather have. drinking for effect, not taste, essentially. tequila is always a go to. i was off tequila for a long time, but i welcome senor agave back into my home with open arms now.
  7. diesel trucks pros and cons

    I put it in my waste oil tanks, too. Seems to make a difference, the little bit of water that's in all waste oil tends to gum things up when it's uber cold.
  8. Hitch recommendations

    leave your boyfriend out of this.
  9. Speed bleeders

    open bleeders and let them drain is pretty darned efficient for me x30 years. no special gadgetry required, except for the right size wrench.
  10. Ok, I know it's after 8 pm. Bare with me.

    some sadistic a-holes must have built that airport.

    fukking a, if i called my woman a wombat, it would be awn, and not in a good way.
  12. Wanna buy a brewery?

    i've thought the same thing for the past couple of years, how many trendy ultra micro brews can the market really stand? and when will everyone get sick of the stupid marketing and labeling and go back to good old bud light?
  13. Tow Dolly and wheelbase

    Had one of those towed to my shop once. Tow operator put it on the flatbed backwards, just because of where it was and stuff. Little did any of us know that it's not designed to do highway speeds in reverse. Fiberglass top came flying off that prick and landed in the road. that was a big opps.
  14. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    is the treadmill attached to the first stage or second stage?
  15. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    but will the snow fly?