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  2. Friday

    Have you ever considered investing in a new set of tires for that trailer ? With all the junk ones that you get for cheap add up to a new set.....
  3. Friday

    the next one is passing right over New England in a few years. I'll wait for that one.
  4. Friday

    No sir.
  5. Friday

    You back in MA already
  6. Friday

    Full eclipse coming monday between noon and two.. Theyre talking about closing school.
  7. Phone scam/class action

    All your iou's are belong to we.
  8. 2003 Cadillac STS

    As long as there's enough $100 bills on the dresser... er, dash. No, that was a different Cadillac. Customer car on that one.
  9. Today
  10. Friday

    Got my motorcycle running AND fixed the speedometer so I can figure out the top speed! But now it's raining☹
  11. Friday

    Packed the family up and came home a day early.... pouring outside, so no beach day. Looking forward to my own bed tonight. Was a bit on the cool side all week, but we had some fun at the lake anyway.... at Tuesday's ER visit they confirmed and I passed another kidney stone mid week... fun times... JW
  12. Is that the one I sent you parts for?
  13. 2003 Cadillac STS

    Will you take a 98 camry in trade?
  14. Phone scam/class action

    no doubt, money is a giant pita. if i could live without it, i would. my employees do not appreciate being paid in iou's and favors paid forward, though.
  15. Friday

    He doesn't any more, he's out near Bahston now.
  16. 2003 Cadillac STS

    How much delivered to TN? Has warranty with loaner right?
  17. 2003 Cadillac STS

    Does it have the caddy feature that pulls cigar smoke from the cabin
  18. Friday

    Quick, tape the camera!
  19. Phone scam/class action

    Mongoloids gotta eat bro. Ive known a handful of easy money winners in my life and so far 100% of them were poorer with bigger problems after theyd blown it all. When i have money is when i have the most trouble also, which makes me think theyre not coincidental observations.
  20. Phone scam/class action

    Um yeah, I wasn't about to waste my time on a text from outter Mongolia if it wasn't a real case. Although I did get a call from Papua New Guinea today.
  21. 2003 STS, with infamous 300hp V8 Northstar engine. 123k miles. I purchased this from another NEOW'er a couple of years ago, had some engine oil leak issues. I removed engine and resealed it, so no infamous Northstar oil leak. Been driving it off and on ever since. 4 new tires and alignment last week. This car needs nothing, everything on it works the way it should. Heated seats, Bose audio, power tilt/telescoping wheel. No warning messages, no warning lights, no anything, it all just works. Minor defects, not wrecked. A couple very minor rust spots starting to come through, but still lots of life left in this cruiser. I have too many in my fleet, time to downsize. Listed on CL for $4000, NEOW nice priced at $3500. A couple of folks here have looked at in the past and nearly bought it, but now I am motivated to make it go to a new home. Clean title, bring cash and make a deal on this, one of the last of the big Cadillacs.
  22. Nice little 2004 Corolla. 203k miles. Auto transmission. 4 nearly new snow tires. We just installed a lower mileage replacement engine, this car needs nothing else. A couple of dents and dings, no rust. We've been driving it around, it's an awesome, fun little car, great for a young driver, a daily driver, whatever you need. I'd drive this car anywhere. Clean title in hand, cash talks. Listed on CL for $3600. NEOW nice price: $3000. I have too many in my fleet, come make a deal and drive off in a cool little car.
  23. Offers. Making room.
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