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Homebrewed - YJ U-Joint Upgrade

submitted by doug jenne

First off. I obtained this idea from Jeepaholics Anonymous.

I have to give credit where credit is due. Their write-up is here.

Stock yokes on the Dana 30 and Dana 35 (or 35C) utilize a strap and bolt to hold the u-joint in the yoke. I kept blowing this and the yoke out once/twice a year on my Dana 35. I decided to do something about it.

After reading the article on Jeepsaholics Anonymous. I decided that converting my yokes to U-bolts is the best method.

Parts list:

You will need:

  1. Precision Universal Joint u-bolt kit P/N: 534-10
  2. 5/16" drill bit
  3. drill
  4. WD40 or other lubricant for the drill bit
  5. basic hand tools (sockets and wrenches)

Assembly Instructions:

  1. remove your existing strap and bolts and remove the driveshaft from the yoke.
  2. Take your 5/16" drill bit, your drill, and the WD40 and drill out the four holes in the yoke for your new u-bolts. Warning: Pay close attention to the drill bit as you are gonig through the yoke. You do not want to go to far and puncture your yoke seal on the differential.
  3. Make sure the nuts have a flat area to rest against on the backside of the yoke. Also, you will have to enlarge the front of the holes a bit to fit the new u-bolts. Use the drill to enlarge the front of the holes very carefully. Periodically check the fit with your new u-bolts.
  4. Clean all metal shavings from the yoke and install your driveshaft onto the yoke. Tighten down the u-bolts evenly as you would with the u-bolts for your leaf springs.

I have around 15,000 miles on this new u-joint upgrade for my rear Dana 35. I have not had any problems with blowing u-joints in my rear driveshaft since I have completed this task. Prior to this I kept blowing the u-joint in contact with the Dana 35 yoke because the straps would not hold tight and would allow the u-joint to move around in the yoke.

Good Luck


original YJ Dana 35 yoke

my new yoke (after seeing a WV winter) click to enlarge

Precision Universal Joint u-bolt kit P/N: 534-10

your finished product