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Welcome to NEOW's new Tech section - we present the first in a constantly developing series of Tech articles, Build-ups, How-to's, Homemade Mods, and other Guides and Primers on preparing your Rig for the Road or Off-Road.

Electric Fan Conversion on an 89 YJ submitted by Laybackman

I have an '89 YJ with a 4 banger coupled to a five speed tranny. I had a water pump self destruct after a year. I had about 3000 miles on the pump. After poking around under the hood I discovered that the clutch fan wasn't doing any more clutchin' so my thinking is I essentially had an unbalanced fan tearing up my water pump. I figured it was time to do a mechanical fan delete and attempt to rig up an electric fan for cooling. It would also free up the horse power used to turn the fan.

Front axle shaft/unit bearing replacement, for the complete idiot submitted by Preach

I replaced my bearing today and figured I'd do a step by step for you folk that may have never done this job on your YJ/XJ/TJ d30. 6 easy steps....

WJ Transfer Case Swap NV247 to NV242j submitted by Scott Brown “SKEETER”.

My WJ is a 99 Limited with v8 and Quadra drive, which includes the Quadratrac II NV247 full time transfer case. I replaced it with an NV242j out of a 02-03WJ with v8 option because my nv247 stopped powering the front wheels in 4 high. It should be noted as far as I can determine, the nv242j found in the v8 02-03WJ’s is a heavy-duty version. This includes a 32 spline rear output shaft and aluminum tail shaft housing. The swap listed below details just the two vehicles listed above. I have to suspect the 242j’s found behind 4.0L WJ’s, ZJ’s and XJ’s are different.

Installing a Hand Throttle submitted by Darek from NEOW

The hand throttle can be usefu for a number of reasons. First off, with a four-cylinder and a carburator, getting the Jeep to stay running while it's pointed uphill is a major battle, especially if you have to hold the brake and the clutch at the same time. Also, it makes starting on steep slopes and off-camber situations much simpler. Finally, it's useful for setting a higher idle while using my on-board air or welder system.

Rear Main Seal Replacement

Rear Main Seal Replacement submitted by Paul Regish

Are you noticing a puddle of oil on your driveway underneath your CJ? Does motor oil leak out from the bell housing area right behind the oil pan when the motor is running? Chances are your Rear Main Seal is worn and needs to be replaced. This article will guide you through the process of removing the oil pan, replacing the seal and putting everything back together again.

Homebrewed YJ U-Joint Upgrade submitted by Doug Jenne

Stock yokes on the Dana 30 and Dana 35 (or 35C) utilize a strap and bolt to hold the u-joint in the yoke. I kept blowing this and the yoke out once/twice a year on my Dana 35. I decided to do something about it.

Homemade YJ Swaybar Disconnects submitted by Doug Jenne

Homebrewed Mod - all it takes is a few common parts from the hardware store and a few priceless minutes and you'll have your very own homebrewed swaybar disconnects. more>>

Vintage Ford V8 General Tuneup Hints and Tips submitted by Ryan Bell (AKA: 69Bronco)

For those of you driving vintage iron, you are aware that your rig's performance will degrade over time if it is not properly maintained. In addition to general maintenance, routine tune-ups will increase performance and fuel economy. The information I am presenting has been gleaned by my own personal automotive work, almost exclusively on vintage Ford V8's. The techniques outlined here pertain to that type of engine, but the basic principles are generally similar among other makes and models. This information pertains to carbureted, pre-emissions, points-condenser ignition type engines. more>>

Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE) Manufacturer's Guide submitted by Nate Goodwin (AKA Flat Belly)

A manufacturer's guide and table of general specifications on the various SYE options currently available on the market in the fall of 2002. more>>

Dana 20 Transfercase - Twin Stick Shifter Conversion submitted by Ryan Bell (AKA: 69Bronco)

The purpose of this article is to serve as a guideline in converting the Dana 20 transfer case from a single shifter to a twin stick shifter. The modifications outlined here were done to the D20 from an Early Bronco (EB).

High-Tec Retreads submitted by WJRuth and Archie

recently bought new tires from High-Tec Retreading and I am very impressed. I now have put over 1,400 miles on my tires and decided I would share my thoughts on the subject of retreads. It took me quite awhile to decide to try these tires because I had heard more bad than good things about retreads. Most of what I had heard was based more on stories than actual truth, so I did some of my own research. >>more

YJ Gas Gauge Sending Unit Modification submitted by

My tank is a 20 gallon tank and the engine is the 4.0L with AX-15 5-speed transmission. I noticed my gage would not go below 1/4 tank. I read online somewhere (forgot where) about this "cup" that sits inside the gas tank. I read that this "cup" was limiting the travel of the gas gage sending unit arm. So, I decided to drop the gas tank and figure out if this was true.

4xDr Rocker Protection Install submitted by Kelsey Phinney

BEEF....that's all I can say about the guards!....

good pix and a quick tutorial on these extra-tough rocker guards...

Second Edition - 31x10½x15 Interco TrXus M/T Review and Impressions submitted by Chris Zacharer

I was running Good Year RT/S 225/70/15R "stock street radials" prior to mounting my 31x10.5x15" trXus MTs. The GYs were great, quiet, and good in wet conditions. I didn't like them in the snow or ice, however. They were definitely not an off road tire... >>more

Third Edition - Down and Dirty Flush Tailight Mod submitted by

Rusted sheet metal? Install flush-mounted taillights in 5 easy steps... (warning: this mod requires hacking into your pristine, or not so pristine, sheetmetal... you have been warned...) >>more