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Rear Main Seal Service and Replacement

author and copyright: Paul Regish (AKA: Paul)


  1. Install the new bottom half of the RMS into the cap. It only goes one way. Now take the top half of the seal and eyeball the way it should go to properly mate with the bottom half. This is crucial, you don't want to put the top half in backwords. When you have it correct you will see that the edges of the two parts of the seal line up perfectly. Once you are sure you've got it, coat the back side of the upper half with liquid soap, and coat the inside of the seal (the side where it meets the crank) with a film of oil. (See picture). Carefully install the top half of the seal into the motor. Take your time and try to be gentle, if you "skin off" any of the seal, you might as well go to the store and get another one.
  2. Coat the top and bottom end tabs of the lower seal with RTV, also coat the very tiny diagonal "chamfered" edges of the cap woth RTV. Be careful not to get any silicone on the cap where you press it up against the motor. Re-install the cap back up into the block.
  3. Retorque all the cap bolts, first to 50, then 70, then 80 Ft lbs.
  4. Run a thin bit of RTV along the outside of the cap and stick the rear oil pan seal on the cap. Do the the same with the new front oil pan seal.
  5. Use some spray tac adhesive spray or equivalent and spray the oil pan mating surface so the cork pan gasket will stick to the pan and make installation easier. (see Oil pan picture) Install the pan back up into the motor. Torque the bolts to 10, yes only 10 Ft Lbs.
  6. Install the passenger motor mount back on to the motor. When bolting it back to the frame it may take some jacking up or down to get it to align. DO NOT ever jack up the motor by the oil pan, it is not strong enough.
  7. Reattach the fuel line to the mount and any grounds that were taken off. Reinstall the cross-brace below the oil pan. Reinstall the starter and its connections.
  8. Let the RTV dry overnight, Fill the motor with oil. Drive off!!!

author and copyright: Paul Regish (AKA: Paul)

these images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

front motor support

front motor support

motor mount

rear main installed

rear main seal

rear main

oil pan