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  1. Just dropped it off tonight. This was $300. After talking with some friends that do this seriously as their main income say I should be getting $500-$600 for something like that. This was for a cousin and he paid with dead presidents. Works out to be about $35 an hour into it. My typical fabrication rate is $75 hr.
  2. Careful now, someone may get a black eye.
  3. This one is for sale I think. I got the photo off a friends page.
  4. You want it with water? ..........or warm milk?
  5. Holy liberal jumping on the DLM (Dogs Lives Matter) bandwagon.
  6. Yeah, but is your Beagle an bumbum hole?
  7. LOL, I have a Pit mix, the stories are true. The dog's a thug.
  8. You can give yourself some unique brandings. All the cool kids are doing it.
  9. ...............and let's all guess the breed .
  10. All the outer edges get covered by trim and mantle. You can make out where it used to be.
  11. Tin knocker was through flashing my chimney so I had to work inside a hot stuffy house all day. Put the face on the fireplace. It's a bit of an odd layout for the brick, but I had to put it back exactly as it was.
  12. Compressor deal is off. No way to test.
  13. Ahhhhh, I see
  14. Me? I'm not going anywhere near Agawam.