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  1. Ha! Got first place in the parade! Won $3!
  2. Skill level: Expert
  3. Those my size?
  4. I'll film.
  5. Arg.
  6. Meh, unless it's got the right governor set up...
  7. Out of all the "newer" trucks, I would say the 2005-2016 Ford F250 and bigger are very well built, good transfer cases, good transmissions, but the motors can be a gamble. 2017 they went to an aluminum body and I am going to wait that one out a bit to see how that works out... I haven't really got into the 2011 and newer GM's.
  8. I had to resist... It was hard. Timing was right but same issue here, I need to get rid of stuff first. There's 13 rigs in the yard/garage, plus parts. Great deal and the exact Jeep I wanted...
  9. Including the rear window? Tinted?
  10. Provider will provide.
  11. Yeahhhhhh pretty common.
  12. Lomax kit?
  13. Roy means RWD low, FWD low, 4WD low, RWD high, FWD high (pretty useless), or 4WD high. Not to mix ranges. I know you can install a kit to get RWD low. Not sure about FWD low.
  14. Fawking Dom. I didn't granny shift. He needs hearing aids.