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  1. That is really cool
  2. Finished with meetings so I thought I'd go down to the barn before feeding the dogs. Both bolts broke when removing the down pipe from the collector. What a pain in the butt.
  3. Working from home now. Sitting in the office I hear big trucks downshifting coming down the hill. A pair of really nice old Peterbilt trucks with custom paint to match the trailers. They say Charlie's Water Wagon on them. Must have been a wrong turn since they went up my road and then I could hear them turning around and just headed back out.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous out this morning. Hardly any humidity actually made it feel cool outside. Working in the office this morning and then from home this afternoon to sign for a couple packages from FedEx that require signature. Wife is headed to NYC to see a play with a friend of hers so I'll probably get something done at the house.
  5. Jesse in my club is a Master Chief in the Navy and had Trailworthy make these custom beadlocks for him.
  6. My wife has said that many times when she was traveling. Her ex was a cheater and she loved that she didn't have to worry about me in bars. She knew exactly where I was. She's just not used to me working on stuff all the time since she no longer works. Hopefully in time she'll get used to it
  7. i think me or my wife is going crazy. She wanted a list of things I wanted for my birthday. Today another box shows up. I think she got everything on my list even though she hates me working on stuff and tells me I have to sell the YJ if I want to stay married. I got a power washer, hedge trimmer, set of 4pt seat belts, steering box brace and roll bar cell phone holder than I'm putting my mobile CB in. I expected 1 or 2 things, but not the entire list when she's going to complain when I use them.
  8. X2.
  9. I tried doing the reputation thing for this statement.
  10. I encourage her to do as much as she wants with her friends. Makes life better for everyone. She has fun and I get doo-dee done.
  11. I've got a little pile of scrap steel I need to get rid of so I'll put the cat in with it and keep it separate when I bring everything to the scrap yard. Only reason I got to work on the exhaust last night was because the wife had a golf tournament and didn't get home until about 9:15. She's going to NYC tomorrow to see a play with a friend of hers so maybe I can do some more work tomorrow while she's gone.
  12. Really busy day with meetings just about all day long. Started separating the pieces of exhaust last night since I plan to keep the cat and just replace everything else that is all is really bad shape. The cat is borken. You can hear a big clunk moving inside it.
  13. When we flew out of Boston a couple years ago we had an early morning flight and found that if we stayed the night before at the Marriott we had free parking of our car until we got back. The room was only a little more than half the cost of parking a car for the 10 days at the airport parking areas.
  14. I've been wondering the same thing. I've learned in the past few days that he has a manufacturer's license and he had 6 vehicles at Barrett Jackson so I'm guessing vehicle restorations/manufacturer.
  15. I saw that when I was there a couple weeks ago.