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  1. What's a good ballpark figure to ask for this setup?
  2. Went to a family get together/birthday party. Now sitting here in my folding rocking chair with beer in holder and burgers cooking over charcoal.
  3. Oil cooler lines started leaking bad on the truck. Replaced them a couple years ago with Dorman. Didn't want to deal with returning them for replacements only to do this again in a couple years. So I pulled them out, cut the crimped rubber hose sections out. Put a light flare on the ends of the tube. Installed new oil cooler hose and double clamped each end. should last longer than that made in China doo-dee. Also got the bulb working on the oil pressure gauge in the CJ. Than decided to swap out the center console for a stock one I've had laying around. Tossed the radio back in the console, as I have no place under the dash to put it. I'll have to make up a mount later, at least have a radio.
  4. I'll do the low angle shots.
  5. Back from the gym. Had to work off my chile and cheese omelet.
  6. Platinumnums, no. All others I check, I have found quite few that were out.
  7. Oldest now has his permit. Dayum.
  8. WED

    :lol: :lol:
  9. WED

    Gutters installed today. Part of which for our water containment for the garden that we haven't had time to do....
  10. I was going to offer too. Shnitzers in Portland with take it, with title. Can drop here with title too if you don't want to deal.
  11. Boss was just down there. He didn't have the 120+, said it was freakin hot tho.
  12. New timed belt on the mowing deck, oldest was thrilled to mow again, he loves it. Got a neighbors kids ATV running and a clutch 'adjustment'. Back to working on the new chicken kennels. Mesh to help keep out predators and I need a board to cover an area between the fencing and ground.
  13. High school cross country trail cleanup this morning.
  14. With stub/input for d300. much easier to change than having to take the trans apart.
  15. Trans, Bellhousing (with clutch fork), adapter for Dana 300, flywheel, reman starter used only a couple months. And clutch/pressure plate if wanted. $800. I couldn't find a package deal like this to compare to, let me know if that price sounds fair. Adapter alone is $547. +ship.