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  1. Well now.
  2. Am I missing something? Who the fawk are Melissa & Doug?
  3. We have a peacock pen that has your safe space.
  4. aaaahahahahahahahahaha
  5. Bring it dogbowl boy.
  6. So does Roy, I heard his grandfather once...nah, nevermind it's too ghastly.
  7. don't bring your pitbull hating bullshiit to this ring... Besides, if you haven't heard the lesser informed screaming pit bull devil dog mauled my poor fluffy at this point, I'm betting it was a GD shepherd. Hate those fawkers.
  8. He's still angry, give him a minute to have a moment.
  9. sounds like a clean shoot to me
  10. Nice, dude!
  11. We use Preflight, worked slick and not horribly expensive. Free shuttle to/from KBOS.
  12. aahhhhhaaaaaahahahaha, the hand!! OMG!
  13. Pretty sure that's him/her/whatever.
  14. Hey, if she's happy with how it looks, wtf cares? !
  15. Seriously, wtf. As a general rule, humans such. I'm referring to the owner.