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  1. That's all you Freddo
  2. Sounds like you got peace and quiet for your birthday. Win/win my friend
  3. Hahaha, thanks for the beer!
  4. And take the tank
  5. I got a whole tank full of rooster compost. Your all welcome to it !
  6. Actually the big furry cat demands feeding at 7am promptly.
  7. Your right, they are 220v plugs
  8. RIP flounder. Your reunited with the horse you killed now.
  9. Happy Father's Day folks! Heading to the food food truck and craft beer thing in scummersworth today. This ought to be an experience. Gut trucks and beer what could possibly go wrong?
  10. Mpoopie-doopie rake fight... back on topic, I had PRK a couple/few years ago. PRK is lasik but they also round out your astigmatism. Walked out of the procedure with 20/20 whereas I was blind as a bat since I was five. Other the past couple of years my eyesight has deteriorated due to age (I jumped the gun and should have waited until my eyes settled). Still worth it tho. And might do it again for a touch up
  11. Yeah this neow express is gonna cost ya....
  12. Hope you don't need the trailer this year...