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  1. The person who i assume shot the dog has a ton of fighting roosters out in the yard. And dog was always wandering. Itd come right to you wagging but too much prey drive for this neighborhood. Chickens walk the road and so do dogs. Some days you see a dead rooster, some days you see a dead dog.
  2. My only son is 4 today. Whered the time go? Making a gazillion calls, hunting down an export buyer for my stave logs. If i can really make this pay im gonna hang a shingle. I think im sitting on a big opportunity at the right time, though im quite unprepared for it.
  3. Compared to nearby gardens i see here, mine is very stunted and slow growing. The native soil needs a lot of ammendments tilled in that i havent got the time or money to mess with for this year. The good news is that the experiment is showing me whats best for this dirt to double up on next year. Gonna need to make a lotta compost over winter and come up with a tiller.
  4. A neighbor at the dead end of the road has an unfenced yard and some young dogs that like to roam.. She seems to keep them outside, no pen, no collars etc. Very friendly lab puppy and a pretty husky, but they like going after chickens. Well that husky is on the side of the road full of bullets right now. Unfortunate the dog had to pay for the owners mistake.
  5. Some crazy "character" logs that i like, and hope ill be able to incorporate into an open floor/cathedral portion of the house build. Starting to have tops piling everywhere. I scooped up the trailer to fill it with firewood to give the neighbor and get it out of my way.
  6. I just got speedy gonzalez, pretty happy about that. Think i hear his GF pitter pattering too. Jammed some soft tortilla into the trap hook good enough to stick, then put honey on that. Dbag had been cleaning the raisins and peanut butter off the latch every day without getting kapowed.
  7. I have just accepted that TN is an ant hill. Have the itty bitty ones everywhere. Put a drop of honey or ant jamima (badumpt) on the counter, come back in 20 mins and hit em with one squirt of windex, wipe, repeat.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4636036/amp/Off-duty-black-St-Louis-cop-mistakenly-shot-white-cop.html Black cops matter. No? BLM cares about blacks.. Unless theyre cops. Because BLMs hatred of cops is greater than their love of blacks. This isnt about race, its about wrecking this countries law enforcement to facilitate a period of lawlessness. Anarchy wont reign long when they succeed, a new boss will come to power amidst the chaos. Its the new boss you need to worry about.
  9. But where would we get our meth...ane?
  10. Trigger word, duh
  11. Guess he found my stash
  12. Oh sourdough jack, how ive missed thee.
  13. So what youre sayin is that if TN had codes, a radiator hose for an S trap would not be okay?
  14. Friggin coked up mouse running a marathon under the cabinetry. Im so eager to hear the "snap" of doom so i can go to bed.
  15. I meant spark plug ground straps. Dual plugs was feom the 1970s enormous pop up dome abomination of a piston they stuck in a hemisphere chamber, like a harley. Putting two plugs was a bandaid for stupid slow combustion which lead to detonation.. because the popup piston dome was in the way of the flame. You need to squeeze the charge into a ball around a centrally located plug. Never make the space at TDC look like an orange peel. You just get knock. Remember cool cans? Fuel line coiled through a bucket that you stick ice in at the track? Yeah because fuel just atomizes excellent when stone cold right? Cool cans made more revenue than they ever did horsepower. Like splitfire plugs