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  1. that"s what I needed. Your my hero !!
  2. seriously.... am I stupid? I haven't been on in days because I have no idea how to see anything I actually want to see. I get 10 pages of individual comments on all sorts of things. I just want to see the thread titles and decide if I want to click on it like i have for the last 15 years....
  3. Ok so I guess I'm not the only one confused. I used to be able to hit new content and it was filtered to show every thing new since the last time I logged in. That may have been 2 threads or 2 pages depending on how long ago that was. I have no idea what I'm looking at any more.....
  4. driver or passenger drop front?
  5. Already done before I got here
  6. I'll check with the Mrs
  7. Text me a couple of the bad spots. I've fixed some pretty nasty ones. this one is for a personal project not a customer
  8. I have a couple TJ skids. Let me see which styles I have. Trade?
  9. Don't bet on it. I got $60 for a whole car.... I'm ok with that though. Shoot me some pics when you can. No hurry. Thanks.
  10. If it's just the control arm area I'm interested. Can you send me a couple pics of the bad spots? Six 0 three 731 nineteen 95 if you want to text em What do you want for it?
  11. I don't think he's on here much. I'll tell him to check the thread.
  12. I stock the 2.5" ruffstuff bushings just for this reason
  13. I have a Power Max 45 that we use daily in the shop. It has been awesome. i shrugs off rusty Jeep frames and dirty air and does it's job every time.
  14. I may have a 4.2, let me check
  15. I'm going. I go every year. Of course I live in Laconia so it's kind of a given. If you guys are in town during business hours stop in the shop and say hi.