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  1. Would you do a single beadlock or double if you went with a DIY? 10" rim will go to ~11" with a double. Maybe see if you can trade those 10s for a set of 8s then do a DIY?
  2. Cool trailer. How tall are the sides? What is the deck height? What brand axles? Electric brakes on both axles? Is the height of the hitch adjustable? Any thoughts on what the trailer weighs empty?
  3. This one diamond sheet decking?
  4. You have a few options I feel. 1: What do you want to run? If its an Atlas (or whatever else is out there for aftermarket cases) then save up and buy it (or buy it and then reimburse yourself). No point in investing money you will never get back into something just to get you on the road/trail a X amount of time sooner. The "X amount of time" in this option is a huge variable though. 2: To get on the road/trail now, only do/get what you need and save for what you want. 3: Come to the realization that you'll probably never drop the money on an Atlas so then get a case that is strong that has good aftermarket support for upgrades. Install the case so you can get on the road/trail and upgrade in the off seasons. If I had a project like this, I'd be going with option 3 because that's what's most realistic in my life.
  5. Happy father's day to all the fathers out there. Is he pregnant?
  6. Got home from a wedding rehearsal and dinner around 1130 last night, up at 3am with the little one, couldn't fall back to sleep.
  7. Night shift, 6pm-6am.
  8. That's awesome
  9. Hired one person, sent an offer to a second but he has some other places that he is still interviewing at. If you know of anyone who is mechanically, electrically or software incline, good head on their shoulders, responsible and looking for something different, I'm still interviewing people.
  10. Purchased a set of the bose headphones. Fit great, nice range on the volume, easy to pair through bluetooth, don't fall out with a lot of movement. Not a bad set.
  11. FIFY Only one on the floor today trying to get the furnace back to a sable and steady state.
  12. Thanks Jason!
  13. HFB!
  14. What are you thinking of when it comes to money?