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  1. Ford AA express delivery it has a 12 or so foot body, really interesting truck
  2. it will be melted snow flakes
  3. The dog gets tied up and the sherif gets called 2nd time around pooch takes a dirt nap without a word.
  4. I did end up with a really good kid and had fun raising the little adrenaline junky, there was surf casting, go karting, skiing, and a hole lot of motorcycle racing. Now I have an Airborne Ranger that wants to go to the special forces. If he can't get into the SF's he's leaving the Army to do some drug interdiction work with the Coast Guard, already has an offer they sent him a contract witch include two pay grades to sign. He's going to finish his tour of duty no matter what though. Ultimately he is thinking of a gubmint law enforcement career.
  5. I had zero kids a 25 ft boat a jeep and a race car now I have bills
  6. Put a chunk of peanut in the hook then peanut butter they work at the peanut and it whacks them every time.
  7. where are they Fred
  8. Opened up another 20'X30' plot for the crazy garden lady this morning should have just put the whole 1/4 acre under it would have been easier
  9. Some field mowing surface chopping deep plowing and fluffing of the chunky soil for some planting in a garden plot not used in ten years.
  10. I feel like such a slacker , she's easy on the eyes, 5'8"ish, thin, brunet Quaker brought up real-estate agent. On first impression I'd have to say a royal pain in the bum, considering she's 50 ish with a kid there's a few people that wouldn't put up with her poop somewhere.
  11. Lunch with the wife's step brother from Culpepper Virginia, not to pretentious that one he's a butler at The Inn At Little Washington, Coming to show off his latest trophy sugar momma.
  12. If she was my wife, I wouldn't have to even have this conversation, she'd be driving it because it's SUMMER. What's the sense of having it if you don't take it out and play with it. It's kind like having a jeep and not wheeling it. Why in dogs name after inconveniencing you would she complain about the truck
  13. doesn't she have a miata !
  14. Almost always had a gun in the car, one of the substitute teachers was banging a couple different guys that had just graduated. Her husband owned a bar call the Silver Bullet about ten miles away and was banging girls from the junior and senior class at the bar. Oh and cocaine the place made millions out the back door. That all came to an end shortly after I graduated he was on his way to work on his Harley and got hit head on some say by a dfrink, Karma she's a pregnant dog!
  15. Off to kill some trees, they need to die