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  1. For the new porch. The lovely Susan will not accept anything gaudy,unlike me. She wins. Maybe a simple neon. Open for what's out there. Thanks Jim
  2. Three former police officers. Do your job and get fired. Nice
  3. Rooster delivers his stuff.
  4. Sitting a a dog rescue fund raiser. My booth,3 pamphlets and a dog bowl full of business cards. Competition,4 boiler 3 water tanks,gas fireplace and a min split heat pump. But I have a cooler of ice and beer in the back of my van.
  5. fernco won't work.Copper is smaller OD. Supply houes and get a no-hub band sixed for copper x pvc. or what ever you need.
  6. Installed,may have to hook up the hose to fill it.
  7. Thank you Karl and Rooster. Now if I can get the boy to carry it in.
  8. this guy probably won't ask many questions.
  9. there is a place in Oxford, Scumbag IMHO,but if your just looking to dump it. Also Lashins is close to Poland
  10. Emergency call in Portland, rite aid. Gas leak,call store to tell them to shut off gas. I'm an hour away. "Well you'll have to talk to the manager" On hold for 5 minutes. F that I call 911. And head down. Some jackhole left a soda bottle with gasonline or the likes in middle of store. Employees decide to dump it down a floor sink. Before they figured out it wasn't soda.
  11. 8.5 my vote,was this a pole?
  12. Glad we went with a roof on the porch.
  13. Timmay??? Is that you?
  14. Put those 37 s on and you'll want 4:1
  15. Nice little solo scooter ride this amorning. Some time with the Lovely Susan. And them lobsters with the boy and my mom.