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  1. Hell i've failed my oen family for safty issues. Not gonna let an.un safe car down the road with a good sticker. Granted none of my vehicles have valid stickers.
  2. Yeah. No sticker on that car. It's crazy. Brake work is fast and cheap when done before it eats itself. Stupid not to just fix it.
  3. Did a brake job for a friends mom once. drops car off saying the brakes a noisy and dont work right. Hop in, start it, throw in drive. Pedel right to the floor. NO brakes at all. Not a drip of fluid in it. both rear wheel cylinders completly blown and zero meat on the shoes. fronts looked just like the jk above. 100 job became 400 due to not fixing it when it stated going wrong. People amaze me daily how dangerous they are.
  4. As always. Havent seen it yet. Lot of ugly customs though. If i see it i'll pass the info on.
  5. My bed is on the same path. But it is the middle cross members that rotted away. The front and rear are holding strong. But i see the dropped super duty beds daily. Just gonna slam some uni strut in there and bolt it down to get another few years out of it.
  6. All it needs is another metro engine for the front for 4wd. Then you'd kill yourself proper.
  7. Yeah if it's bigger then a gardner, i stay the hell away. Even though they tend to leave ya alone, i still run the other way.
  8. Yeah i'd say it is a northern water snake by the colors. They eat mostly fish, frogs and such. Suckers get pretty big too. Haven't seen one around here in years.
  9. My grandma drove a 280z when i was a little kid and then a z28 till her late 70s. And she drove those cars. Was a funny sight an old round italian lady with giant thick glasses rippin down the road burning up tires.
  10. All going to my scrap guy this week if no one needs anything from the pile. Sick of tripping and weed whackin around it.
  11. One thing i learned long ago. Just walk away and don't put yourself threw anyone elses issues. I dont talk to 80% of my family (thats a lot of people. my family is huge) for most the reasons listed above. Minus my parents though. Let them destoy their own lives not interupt yours and what you worked to achieve not dealing with them. Only people you need to please is yourself and your close circle of family and friends. I'm a much happer person for it.
  12. At 100 off a month i'd have no issue mowing with my own mower. I'm the only one of three people here that mows here anyway. And the snow, all repairs and so one. I'd love to just rent again.
  13. Get a cheap (as possible) riding mower for the property. Then theyll probably mow it. or at least make your life a bit easier. One year itlll pay for itself.
  14. Guessing the ones with the pipe. First ledge is getting crazy. Last year to this year it dug down about 6". Ya it is a mix of public and private properties. All these are in mass. Havent got any from this year. My camera broke and slacking on getting a new phone. I'll be happy when my xj gets finished and I can wheel again. It's almost there.
  15. Not enough pics on here. HA. And i'm bord hiding from the heat. So heres some pics from last years adventures.