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  1. sold pending trans action
  2. 5 16.5x8 8 lug dual bead lock rims soft 8 style w/ pvc inserts looking for $450 mint look like they have been never used blurry pics
  3. i have self exhausting ones they work well need draining like once a month .. still not as efficient at window units
  4. none that has slowed me down .. and i look at my phone on maps to see if its a traffic hazard I have been running the route since i was a kid with my parents and its the fastest way to do it tried all the other routes
  5. how much streaming do you do ... do you use net flix and amazon?
  6. we drive to FL almost every year and I have at least one trip to VA a year in addition .. fastest route I have found is leaving after 7 pm from NH I will spare my route from here to CT but once on 95 take the GW ( after 10 pm) then jersey tunpike, 95 straight down .. we hit no traffic all the way to FL! if you drive straight through its all about timing ! I drive to the Vince Lombardi rest stop in NJ, jenn drives NJ to maryland house, I drive from there to NC only stop for bathroom breaks ( keep the kids in pull ups all night) pass DC just before sunrise bring a cooler full of monster
  7. how is their internet service???
  8. how is TDS that is option 2
  9. just bought a indoor outdoor HD TV antenna plugged it in and set it on the top of the stairs cable to tv got 5 channels out of the box with out tuning out here in the woods and its clearer then cable, full hd ... gonna mount it in the attic and run a cable to the splice box .. witht that, amazon and netflicks cable will be gone this month!
  10. "Makes me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym-class."
  11. exacly what i plan to do with mine
  12. I have a nice ridgid double flaring setup, beats anything I have used hands down !
  13. I use greenlee knock outs for sheet metal. Faster and leaves a much cleaner hole
  14. i bought my rail there ... one of these days i will make my anvil lol
  15. damn it roy you need to buidl somthing