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  1. I'll get some tomorrow.
  2. I may have a set of early 80's wide tracks soon if your interested.
  3. Good shape. Has surface rust. Wire wheel and some paint, good to go. $200
  4. One spring bucket has a hole, a hole. Great for your drag Jeep or rat rod project. $30
  5. (4) Liberator AT (Uniroyal) 235/75/15 on stock XJ steel wheels . Good tread $75
  6. Good shape. Older style. Holds 2 bikes. New straps. After putting 33" tires with 15x8 rims, 3.75 backspacing it no longer fits. $60
  7. YJ 5" BDS lift , comes with springs, shims, bump stop extensions, end links and a bracket for something. Springs were installed on a project rig but I went another route. Springs have been sitting outside. Just surface rust. $200 97+ XJ header panel and drivers front fender. No dents or cracks. Red, clear coat is chipping $100 Rare XJ wagoner grill and headlight bezels. Chrome is in good shape $100 MJ shifter console small chip $25 Somewhat rare MJ Eliminator center console insert (same as XJ but e brake slot is blocked off) cracked pretty good. Epoxy it? $10 Hens teeth rare MJ colum shift 4WD lever console , mint $30 Rare XJ no arm rest shifter console. $25 Rare XJ floor mount E break handle. $25 XJ mint radiator support. $10 MJ stock replacement rear shocks, only mounted then removed. 0 miles $20 MJ bench seat brackets, $20 TJ stock replacement front shocks. Maybe 300 miles on them. Missing one rubber donut. $25 TJ front sway bar with almost new end links. $20 YJ gas tank $40 YJ tailgate with hinges $40 YJ extended flares, faded, couple holes are opened up. $50 Misc. YJ dash pieces..... Stock TJ track bar and coils, rear shocks. Free Stock YJ track bars. Free XJ center console, blue. Free More will be added. Need something? Ask
  8. At the moment I don't but I want to build a pretty bulletproof rig. Something I can drive long distances, wheel pretty hard and drive back home when I'm done. This is going to be my retirement rig. I have dreams of driving it cross country. I'm sure it will progress past where it is now and I want to overbuild it so to speak.
  9. I'm probably at #3 also. i really have a hard time stomaching the price tag of an atlas. Wheeling is my hobby not my life. If I had a big old stack of hundreds just sitting there begging to be spent I would still have a really hard time justifying spending that much money on a t-case. I guess this is confirming what I had originally planned. I have a D300 so there is no investment there. I have a twin stick setup. The JB conversations HD rear output is $450. I guess that is not bad for a decent set up. The LoMax kit is another $650. $1100 is 1/3 the price of an atlas.
  10. Happy Father's Day to all the dads. Looks like I'll be spending mine at a graduation party. At least there is free food and beer there.
  11. Yep, we are still alive and looking for active member and property. We lost Shane's World a couple years ago and have yet to acquire new land. We did drop the forum. It was expensive and was a huge drain on our bank account. The big draw for us to move to f***book is it's free and honestly it is hard to communicate on the forum. No one really used it much anymore. With that said we are trying to re-kindle the club. Starting this month we are going to monthly meetings instead of quarterly. We will be using our f***book page to notify people on what days those meetings will be held on. I believe the next meeting will be on the 23rd of this month after work at Dan's shop in Dover. Notify him if you'd like to attend. Our meetings have gotten less formal and there is usually food. If any of our old members have thought about joining again or anyone new is looking for a club with a vast knowledge of Jeeps and the class 6 network in NH now is your chance. Don't wait too long though. We can not keep NEWJO alive without new members.
  12. I need some input on what transfer case to run in my Scrambler. The Jeep is going to be a moderate wheeler that goes good down the highway (well for a CJ). I'll be running 35"s and currently have 4.10 gears. The current drivetrain is Vortec 350/4L60e with advanced adapters tail housing and 32 spline output. I'd love to go atlas but don't want to drop 3K+ right now and really want to get this Jeep on the road. I was going to put a D300 behind it but I'd need to upgraded the output. Another option is a NP205. Good case but heavy and higher gearing then the D300. NP241 might work but it's chain driven and probably weaker. Am I missing an option that would work? Any input is welcome.
  13. I got one of those locking security drawers that goes under the seat for Christmas. I guess it only works with non fold and tumble front seats. Now I need one. Whatcha got?
  14. Bump