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  1. I would move.. I go instant fight mode and decapitate snakes when I see them. Not in a tough guy way either, in like a fight or flight lil girl crying kinda way. Dog does a great job on garder snakes for me.
  2. Things be growing now.. I gotta do one more transplant, realign, and round out plantings and it's time for fabric. Need to start thinking about mulch and weed control soon. Don't really care cause I leave it all for dead in august when I hit the west coast. Heirlooms are loving the chicken shiat.
  3. Classic neow-nice guy right there.
  4. Was it you that had an m715 project years ago 4 sale? Pics of fsj?
  5. Sons officially off to high school. We did the whole it grade graduation thing tonight. Achilles is feeling a lot better. Maybe back in the ring this weekend. Ima sneak away to camp tomorrow and enjoy myself some, then sleep.
  6. WED

    Might rest this bum foot of mine in my hammock today and act like a hippy pirate guy in the sun without kids till the bus arrives.
  7. Any brand. Any condition. No need for any hydraulics or head units. Old rusty Fisher would be fine. Free cheap and near central mass perfered.
  8. That looks great. Like Pinterest quality. You must have help.
  9. I mulch mid season for weed control...use my half assed compost, grass clippings, and last year's bark mulch. I ran into a sgitload of heirloom veggie for free roadside. Way overplanted this year.
  10. Somehow fubared my foot. Xrays today..suspected torn Achilles tendon. Just can't walk on it period..not even a gimp. I'll take this over gout though. I need to slow down and act my age I think.
  11. Wife and I had our own lil garage party last night. Paying for it today. Kinda morning when u wake up find phone and make sure you didn't do anything dumb on social media or texts.
  12. It's fiat high I bet
  13. Spotify "Wheeler walker jr. Commentary" Thank me Sunday when your praying or during confessional.
  14. Got a 4x4 potato box growing..ahoumd be 6 ft tall when maturing
  15. Spring garden pics such. I got a full blown garden again this year. 36 heirloom tomatoes plants.