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    FRIeddough DAY

    Weird way to spell vaginas
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    SATURDAY again

    Wife has been ticked at me all day today. Asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I said work on yard stuff. Told her we could golf later. I got an hour lecture about how selfish I am, I'm not marrying material and that she doesn't like playing golf with me. Maybe dinner tonight. Not sure since she won't talk to me.
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    SATURDAY again

    pics (of sugar momma)?
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    SATURDAY again

    Holy freakin humidity
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    FRIeddough DAY

    I usually just eat the ice cram.... haha too far?
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    FRIeddough DAY

    My race car is at the dyno this morning. Hoping it cooperates unlike last time(air inlet leak). Getting short on time for Mt Washington.
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    Spark Plug gap??

    Why gap to the concave when the arc is gonna jump from the closest point anyhow?
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    Nope - I'm back in design again - took 10 years traveling around the country for work It's an architectural & engineering firm - they don't really think like most A&E firms and as a result we have a lot of great things going on - indoor mini golf competition for instance - 5 teams build it and play around the office (paid & beverages, snacks provided) and other things like that. For the most part, the different thinking is a good thing but there's just a few things I'd like to see done differently - the good outweighs the bad so I'll suffer the minor things. The company values it's people and their life outside the firm - the emphasize it actually. The Friday thing shows it - we're still responsible for the hrs so everyone wins.
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    Off to kill some trees, they need to die
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    Picked this up at the demo dump. Has a nice size and after I muscled it into the truck I noticed a really nice grain to it. Quickly washed it when I got back to the shop. These layers will be exposed when I cut the bowl out. Think it's going to be bichin.
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    My garden is doing great. Every week I pick more stuff from it...then I head to the next isle for bread.
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    Learned a valuable lesson this morning at work. Always, always, A.L.W.A.Y.S shake out your clothes when you put them on because you never know when your thong will hit the floor from inside your sweatshirt...in front of all your co workers...I thought it was just a bounce sheet. fail. ahahaha
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    The New Pulpit

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    Think he was talking about karl
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    I listened to my elders advice my entire life. Not one of them prepared me for how stupid this world would become.
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    Dudes name is longwood. Thefawk did u think jerry pedalled over for?
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    Happy Father's Day

    Happy father's day to all the fathers out there. Is he pregnant?
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    Happy Father's Day

    Happy father's day everyone!!! I asked Dave if he wanted the whole day to do garage stuff and he said no. He must not be feeling well still. Haha
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    I'm in
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    2nd gripe about '17 Silverado

    Can't use a big nozzle pump in the filler neck. Great, now try and fit truck and 36' trailer into a gas station "car" island.
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    Honestly, it would have been nice to do it with some family around...but his close family lives in Missouri, and his ex-wife was (is!) a "see you next tuesday" about the kid schedule, and we just wanted to get married without drama and juggling all the doo-dee. 10 minutes on the beach with the JP and then a long weekend riding motorcycles in VT. Done.
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    New tires have arrived
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    that will buff right out
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    More Quickbooks Qestions

    Send them a letter.
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    5 16.5x8 8 lug dual bead lock rims

    You didn't mention you would accept bartering.
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    Welcome To Wednesday

    Dave, good to see you're still around! Been along time since I have been on. Years actually.
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    Muscovy Ducklings

    depends on how good of eaters you are. They're still little. So like Mcnugget size right now. haha
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    Trees trees and more trees

    Guys name is Carl with a C. Sounds shady.
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    Trees trees and more trees

    The guys who took my trees are still looking for logs. https://nh.craigslist.org/wan/6128451574.html
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    New tools/shop stuff.

    I read much more serious warnings on almost every other manufacturers web site. The guy we bought from said it can simply accumulate under a sheet of light gauge steel. And there are stories on the web that support that. I'll learn as I go and take it safe for a while.
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    2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited SPORT

    You had me at black. Damnit.
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    Jon W

    TrXuS M/T 31x10.5x15 on TJ Canyon $125

    Just so we're clear, he's paying you the $7, right?
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    Wtb Ford 60 front

    There's a deal! I have options in Mass but I'm not the lowest price. PM me with desired specs. Rick
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    Wtb Ford 60 front

    Heepjeep. Act now and you can probably get rachel to load it wearing a wedding dress.
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    Place to strip a car near southern Maine

    South paris,here,strip it ,put it on my trailer,haul to scrap yard. Yes we can.
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    Matt Blain

    Place to strip a car near southern Maine

    I'm in southern Maine, but a bit away from Naples. I've got the space if you want to work something out
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    I win! You'll take it and like it. haha
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    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    If this smells too much like tech and not enough like dry ice, then I'll move it since the following is anything but random. Ahem this was the next log in the pile. I began by getting it on blocks so It's somewhat comfortable to work on. Then I get my guide rail on. It's made of pressure treated 2x4s. You can use anything that's straight and square really. Another board, a ladder whatever. It needs to be anchored to the log with screws or nails long enough to hold it down but short enough to not be in the path of the saw. Now switch the saw from whatever you were doing to an initial cut depth. A spacer equal to your guide rail in my case 3.5 inches, plus a slab thickness, in my case 2 inches. Having another set of spacers out towards the end of the bar would be better for consistency but my bar is only 18, minus the log teeth and the 1 1/2 thick spacers, and I was cutting some 14 inch wide boards last night. So I never added one, and most of my boards are a little wavy and or trapezoidal. The other spacer would probably help a lot and i will probably add one tomorrow. It'll look something like this when you're ready to start. Fire your saw up and start ripping dust. Cutting down the grain pulls dust, not the square chips you might be used to seeing cross cutting. That's normal. The above cut was about 8 ft 6 and took something like 3 and a half minutes. Once this cut is finished, unscrew the guide from the waste slab and set the slab aside. Turn the log 90* and and Set the guide back on. Make sure the guide is square to the first cut or your boards won't be. Cut again. Roll the log again. Repeat. When preparing for the third cut measure the overall height from the bottom sawed face to the top of the rail and shim the rail until they are the same, unless you're making tapered planks, cants, boards, beams or columns. At this point you can set the guide rail aside and set your spacing to the thickness you want. I'd have set the spacing to 2 inches and started making 2Xs but it was 9:30 so I quit. The work that I've described took me a half hour, and it gets easier from this point
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    Our local slimy state rep. The one who just got charged with 2 dwis, got hit by an uninsured driver, put a sob story up on fbook about how he only has liability and started a gofundme. Which really pissed me off. He is always saying how regulations only hurt people and insurance is a scam. GOFUNDYOURSELF AHOLE!
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    Serial number #80007

    That syncro in back isnt doing you any favors.
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    She said yes: TN edition.

    1/2 day kindergarten is a major hassle, managing it as a parent makes everything hard.
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    Must bring this home... Must bring this home....

    Ice and water roofing stuff.
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    Guns guns and more guns!

    Sorry, I gave up wheel guns a while ago. Great guns, and pretty much point and shoot, but your limited on rounds.
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    She said yes: TN edition.

    Its exceptionally clever. Almost like getting your finger caught then ripped out by two bevel gears. That it stumps and furrows at the same time is so slick.
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    She said yes: TN edition.

    Okay KGB.. I JUST watched that machine last night. LoL!
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    Sunday Funday

    So many shots last night...
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    Riding Lawnmowers Is not a Crime! Oh - its Mass