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  2. A better mouse trap. I always say, you dont need to invent something new, just improve something that already works but has shortcomings.
  3. I have a $1k no rust (light hit on right side). SUPER SOLID tub in this load. Black. Also a $1200 one. couple dents here and there, minor rocker panel buckle. These are as solid as you will see anywhere. No rust ever. All good floors. all good mounts. Come see in Lakeville, MA over next few days. TJ frames will likely be only 4 cyl options within another day or two. Not wasting my time with pic upload, If there's interest, text me. 508 269 52 ate three.
  4. I blacked out, what day is it?
  5. Just dropped it off tonight. This was $300. After talking with some friends that do this seriously as their main income say I should be getting $500-$600 for something like that. This was for a cousin and he paid with dead presidents. Works out to be about $35 an hour into it. My typical fabrication rate is $75 hr.
  6. Careful now, someone may get a black eye.
  7. Today
  8. This one is for sale I think. I got the photo off a friends page.
  9. The large dog swerved into the small dogs lane and then the small dog..............
  10. We had a guy start one Morning and two hours later he quit. Haha whoops
  11. the reckless conduct should be directed towards the deficient owner of the large dog. i'd have done exactly the same thing. remove, point, squeeze, squeeze. done. fawk you you irresponsible p.o.s. if it was my kid, i'd shoot you, too.
  12. Wait, it says right on the package that it's ok to be over 3yo.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Have a LWB AA Express here, but missing the bed... Anymore pics?
  15. You should see all the ANGRY comments and feedback on Ebay and Amazon about them. It's really too funny. "These are WAY too small". Etc. Kids toys you idiots.
  16. The couple looking for their missing stuff... Kids toys. El has the same stuff and loves it!
  17. Ford AA express delivery it has a 12 or so foot body, really interesting truck
  18. Well now.
  19. Am I missing something? Who the fawk are Melissa & Doug?
  20. We have a peacock pen that has your safe space.
  21. aaaahahahahahahahahaha
  22. it will be melted snow flakes
  23. You know, with these you could take the little one with you on road trips and she could cook for you while you drive...... Just saying.
  24. Community is great.
  25. You want it with water? ..........or warm milk?
  26. I need a safe space.
  27. Bring it dogbowl boy.
  28. She's harmless.
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